Monthly Archives : December 2015

Interview with Marios Andriotis, Lesbos 05/12/2015

As part of our fieldwork, we spoke with Marios Andriotis, Press Officer for the Mayor of Lesbos, about the humanitarian crisis on the island and the way local authorities are trying to manage it and alleviate and support people in transit. We publish here part of that interview.

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Transcapes at BBC Wiltshire

Antonis spoke to BBC Wiltshire and Simon Courtie about our project Transcapes – Transient Populations Transforming the European Political Landscape and the unfolding refugee crisis in Lesbos, Greece and Europe.

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Transient Populations transforming the European political landscape

It’s a dazzling feeling, a moment where the entire European construct is swirling into full crisis mode, now heads-on into uncharted territory. We understand this moment to be closely linked to the wider geopolitical developments in our region, and one that will have a long-lasting effect on the EU construct and its political landscape as a whole.

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